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Mountain Collective
5 April 2019 No comments

The 19/20 Mountain Collective pass offers passholders:

  • 2 days free skiing at 17 iconic resorts 
  • 1 bonus day at the mountain collective destination of your choice
  • 50% off additional days at mountain collective resorts
  • Special accommodation deals for mountain collective passholders at these resorts
  • + 2 free days at Chamonix
12 Mountain Collective resorts are in North America, 1 in Chile, 1 in New Zealand, 2 in Australia and 1 in Japan
If you travel to several of these resorts the pass is definately likely to be of value.  Even if you only ski at one resort but not enough to warrant a season pass there, the pass might work out better you but trying to work this out will depend on exactly which resorts youre planning on visiting and for how long!  

Either way it's great to belong to a gang and to see our logo promoted in such great international company!

To find out more about the pass click here