Blackhawk Mitten


An ultra warm, comfortable, waterproof and stylish mitten with a low profile cuff to be worn inside (under) the jacket sleeve

Shell: A treated smooth grain leather with an aerodynamic shape to best fit and protect your hand.

  • Aerodyne palm construction, designed and crafted by Swany to fit your hand the most natural way possible. Aerodyne construction enhances your grip with less stress points for improved comfort and durability.

Insulation: Tri-plex + Primaloft insulation for superior warmth and Micro V Lining With Camellia Oil added comfort and luxury

  • Tri-Plex + is a combination of different weights of Primaloft Insulation with Dryfinger Reflective added for heat reflection and Micro V Lining With Camellia Oil to protect your skin from the cold and dry winter conditions.
    • Primaloft® Insulation
    • Thicker on back for extra warmth
    • Thinner on palm for greater dexterity
  • Micro V Lining With Camellia Oil

Micro V lining is a soft, hypophilic with moisture management properties. We added Camellia Oil to protect your skin from the cold and dry winter conditions. Camellia Oil is a non-drying oil that protects your skin from drying for a longer period of time, especially in the cold winter months.

WaterproofingDryfinger II®

  • Dryfinger Reflective Insert

A monolithic insert made of advanced polymers. Dryfinger II inserts allow moisture (not just vapor) to pass from the inside out. The molecular structure makes the insert 100% waterproof while allowing superior breathability.

Size:  To figure out your hand size wrap a dressmaker/tailors (soft) tape measure around your knuckles (excluding the thumb), form a fist and the tape measure should be fitted but loose - not tight.  The number of inches is your hand size #1.  You can also measure from the top of your middle finger to the crease in your inside wrist in inches and this is your hand size #2.  #1 and #2 may be a little different so your glove size may be either/or #1 or #2 depending of personal preference.  

  • 6.5    Ladies Small
  • 7       Ladies Medium
  • 7.5    Ladies Large
  • 8       Mens Medium
  • 8.5    Mens Medium/Large
  • 9       Mens Large
  • 9.5    Mens XLarge
  • 10     Mens XXLarge
Additional Information
Brand Swany-S009
Blackhawk Mitten