HG Next Gen Shape Maple Complete Cushion Clear

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Sweets Homegrown Kendamas are made completely on American soil and are the highest quality Kendamas to ever bear the Sweets name! These premium Kendamas feature some serious specs:

  • Next Gen HG Maple Ken means bigger cups, better stalls, more precision, higher consistency and serious playability. 
  • Each HG is strung with a spinner bearing to reduce tangling. 
  • Premium Maple gives you a solid durable set up, and the Walnut stripe helps you track every spike. 

Every complete Homegrown Kendama also comes boxed with HG Stickers, HG Pin and an extra string and bead.

What makes HG's even better is that Sweets Kendamas have partnered with The Arbor Day Foundation, so that every Homegrown Kendama bought plants a tree!

So get ready to save the world and do some serious levelling up!

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HG Next Gen Shape Maple Complete Cushion Clear