Prime Custom V12 - Boo (Cushion)

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The crew at Sweets Kendamas grew up watching Dragon Ball Z!  The V12 Freeza, Sel and Boo kendamas were named after the characters from the show: Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu.   The V12's feature a white split, and sparkly pearl with cushion clear finish. 

Kendama paint matters because as you progress and learn balance tricks like lunar and lighthouse, a slip to stick ratio is important. Too slick and it slips off, too sticky and you might catch an edge when correcting.

Sweets Kendamas are all about custom painting   Everything from The Sweets Lab is painted, assembled, and inspected by hand to make sure you are receiving the most reliable and durable Kendama.

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Prime Custom V12 - Boo (Cushion)
Prime Custom V12 - Boo (Cushion) Prime Custom V12 - Boo (Cushion)