Kyle Urban Camouflage Beanie

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Solid colour beanie with camouflage pattern woven in to the fabric.

Made with Newland's proprietary thermal DHtech 300 fabric.

DHtech fabric features:

WEIGHT: 300 gr/mq

It ‘a breathable, compact, lightweight and durable fabric. Extremely functional it allows, thanks to special processing of the polypropylene fibers, the optimal evaporation of the humidity produced by the body. The technical sportswear produced with DHtech 300, ensures great comfort and well-being during trainings or simple walks.

DHtech 300 in fact in contact with our skin behaves, as an extension, a protective shell that protects against harmful temperature changes or annoying blows air while the elasticity of the fabric allows a great freedom of movement.

It dries quickly keeping the body in an optimum climatic condition.

DHTech300 is the perfect fabric to realize winter second layers but it also becomes a perfect fabric for in-between seasons sweatshirts or garments for the heating phase of any sport.

An excellent option is the fabric DHTECH SOFT RELIEF, made with a weave in relief it gets an unparalleled aesthetic effect as well as softness.