POC Fovea Clarity Photochromic Goggles - White

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With exceptional peripheral and vertical field of view, the Fovea feature a toric shaped Clarity photochromic lens, and a soft frame for flexibility, comfort and a secure fit on a wide variety of face shapes.  The photochromic lens darkens when exposed to sunlight to ensure optimal vision across a broader range of light conditions

  • Clarity Photochromic Lens - Combining a large field of view with new Clarity Photochromic lens technology and a toric lens shape, the Fovea Clarity Photochromic goggles give absolute trust in vision in all conditions. The lens features a molecular coating which darkens when exposed to sunlight ensuring you have the best vision all day long, even when conditions change.  A molecular coating on the lens surface is activated by the sun´s UV rays, darkening from a Cat. 1 (VLT 55%) to a Cat. 3 (VLT 13%) in brighter conditions.
  • Spektris mirror - The unique Spektris mirror coating is engineered for perfect harmony with the Clarity lens base tint for an enhanced visual experience in specific light conditions.
  • Toric Lens - The Toric lens shape minimizes distortion to give optimum vision.
  • Ri-Pel - The Ri-Pel hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment protects from dirt, water, sweat, salt, oil and dust, and also makes the lenses easier to clean so your vision is always clear.
  • Anti-scratch treatment - An anti-scratch treatment on the outer lens reduces the risk of surface damage for clearer vision.
  • Anti-fog treatment - An anti-fog treatment on the inner lens helps reduce internal fogging for clear vision as the intensity rises.
  • Complete UV Protection (UV 400) - The goggles give complete protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The goggles give protection from harmful UV rays with a wavelength up to 380 nanometers.
  • Triple-layer face foam - Multiple layers of foam ensure a soft and comfortable fit, perfectly moulding to the contours of your face. The malleable frame and triple-layer face foam give a comfortable and secure fit on any face shape, and give flexibility and comfort even in the coldest conditions.
  • Silicone grippers - Silicone grippers on the inside of the strap help keep the goggles secure against a helmet.
  • Storage - When not in use, it is recommended to store the goggles in their case in order to avoid scratching, keeping them far from sources of heat and direct sunlight, especially during transport.
  • Ventillation - Specially placed ventilation slots in the goggles minimize steaming and support crisp and clear vision at all times.