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The Switcher helmet is a groundbreaking and versatile all-mountain helmet. With 22 one hand adjustable vents, no day will be too hot or too cold. Our Advanced Hybrid construction combines in-mold and hard shell technology to provide low weight and extra reinforcement in critical areas. This model is equipped with MIPS, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain. Our new performance interior with a magnetic chin buckle makes it easy to fasten, even wearing mitten or gloves. The turn dial adjustment increases the adjustment span and is more user friendly. The helmet is Audio Ready, and our Audio Chips can be bought as additional gear.

  • New groundbreaking and award-winning technology
  • Our most advanced and versatile all-mountain helmet
  • 22 handmade vents adjusted with a one-turn dial system
  • New and updated interior, for easy adjustments
  • Listen to your favorite music with our Audio Ready system
  • Lightweight
  • Equipped with MIPS, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain

Helmet technology


The MIPS technology is scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head

In a helmet with MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) the shell and the liner are separated by a Low Friction Layer. When a helmet with MIPS Brain Protection System is subjected to an angled impact, the low friction layer allows the helmet to slide relative to the head. The MIPS BPS is designed to add protection in helmets against the rotational motion.

The rotational motion is a combination of rotational energy (angular velocity) and rotational forces (from angular acceleration) that both affects the brain and increases the risk for minor and severe brain injuries. MIPS BPS has been scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion when implemented in a helmet by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain.

MIPS is designed to address what happens when you fall. Under real-world conditions, when you fall, your head usually hits the ground at an angle, putting your head into a spinning motion that could lead to strain in the brain. Accident statistics bear this out. However, in standard helmet tests, the helmet is dropped vertically onto a flat impact surface. This test is helpful for measuring precise vertical impacts, but far inferior for measuring the more realistic scenario of an angled impact.


Beneath the outer layer is the main shock absorbing structure. This is made out of low density EPS foam in a solid combination with the impact shields. Together the combination is extremely shock absorbent and tuned to match the properties of the shell. The EPS foam has ideal crush characteristics to reduce the forces of an impact in an effectively way.

Impact shields

The Impact Shields distributes impact forces from the inside of the helmet over larger areas in the most crucial zones as in the forehead and the back of the skull. Harmonizing and working in the combination with the EPS foam liner, they are designed to provide unsurpassed performance for shock absorbance. This is our premium impact protection technology.

Audio Ready

New performance interior makes it easier to fasten and adjust. The helmet is also Audio Ready, which means you can listen to your favourite music while riding hard with the Outdoor Tech Chips.