Vilja Mitten - Red

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Water repellent merino wool mittens with enlarged and simplified pattern featuring the classic Norwegian eight-petal rose. There’s a note of the 50s and the 60s in the mittens’ bold pattern. Made with 100% skin soft merino wool.

Made from Zefir - Skinsoft Merino wool.  Our superwash merino wool is one of the finest wool qualities available.  Coming from merino sheep living in a warm climate, merino has very fine and long staple fibers, giving a very smooth next-to-skin comfort.

Naturally, our wool is mulesing-fee. Garments knitted with Zefir can be machine washed using wool-cycle. (Fiber diameter: 20.5 micron)

  • “Vilja” is a Nordic feminine given name meaning both “richness” and “grain”, but also “will”. The will to see things afresh. The will to pass on the very best of our Norwegian design history.

    • Regular knit

    • Water repellent

    • 100% skin soft merino wool (Zefir nano 20.5 micron)

    • Designed and knitted in Norway

    • Machine wash using wool-cycle