OL History Womens Padded Vest

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A sporty, padded vest made with water repellent wool, using 100% skin soft merino wool as the inner and outer layer. The polyester padding provides water repellency as well as a 3D effect showing the star pattern taken from our official sweater for the 2020 Beijing Winter Olympics. The star pattern originates from the classic Norwegian eight-petal rose. The form is sharpened and crystallized, inspired by Chinese paper folding (called zhezhi) and Asian cartoons. Flag-coloured stripes on the shoulders add dynamics to this subtle design. The vest features zippered pockets and a full-length two-way zipper.

While conventional padded products are cut-and-sew with around 20% fabric waste, our innovative padded knit technology is fully fashion. Each garment is knitted into its actual size and shape, eliminating fabric waste in our production.

This vest is a part of our extensive OL Spirit collection, which consists of basic, mid- and outer-layer garments, as well as accessories.  OL stands for Olympic Games.

  • 20.5 micron
  • Water repellent, stain and dirt resistant
  • Padded with polyester filling